4 Reasons why you should Invest in I-Bonds


I-Bonds, also known as Series I Savings Bonds, are issued by the US Treasury and offer investors a way to earn a fixed rate of interest, as well as an inflation-adjusted rate of return. In this article, we’ll explore four reasons why you should consider investing in I-Bonds.

Investing your money can be a daunting task, but it is essential to ensure that your money is working hard for you. One investment option that you may want to consider is I-Bonds.

What are I-Bonds?

I-Bonds are a type of savings bond issued by the US Treasury to promote personal financial responsibility and to offer investors a secure and low-risk investment opportunity.

They share a feature with other savings bonds in that they operate as loans from investors to the US government. I-Bonds, on the other hand, offer investors a set rate of interest and a rate of return that is adjusted for inflation, unlike other savings bonds.

Benefits of I-Bonds

  • Inflation Protection: I-Bonds offer a hedge against inflation by adjusting their interest rates to match changes in the CPI.
  • Low-Risk Investment: I-Bonds are backed by the US government, which makes them a low-risk investment option.
  • Tax Benefits: The interest earned from I-Bonds is exempt from state and local income tax and federal income tax can be deferred until the bond is redeemed or reaches maturity.
  • Diversification: I-Bonds can be a great addition to your investment portfolio, as they can provide stability and balance out riskier investments.

Drawbacks of I-Bonds

  • Low-Interest Rates: The interest rates on I-Bonds can be lower than other investment options, which means that you may earn a lower rate of return on your investment.
  • Long Maturity Period: I-Bonds have a maturity period of 30 years, which means that you won’t have access to your money for a long time.
  • Purchase Limits: There is a limit on the number of I-Bonds you can purchase per calendar year, which may be a drawback if you’re looking to invest a large sum of money.
  • Interest Rate Changes: The inflation-adjusted rate of return changes every six months, which means that you may not know what your rate of return will be until the interest rate changes.

4 clear reasons why invest in I-Bonds

  1. Protection against inflation

One of the primary benefits of I-Bonds is that they offer protection against inflation. Inflation is a measure of the increase in the prices of goods and services over time, which means that the same amount of money will buy you less over time. I-Bonds are designed to adjust their interest rates based on changes in the Consumer Price Index (CPI). This means that as inflation rises, the interest rate on your I-Bonds will also rise, providing a hedge against the erosion of your purchasing power.

For example, let’s say you invest $1,000 in I-Bonds that offer a fixed rate of 0.1% and an inflation-adjusted rate of 2%. If inflation is 2%, your I-Bonds will earn a total rate of return of 2.1%. However, if inflation is 3%, your I-Bonds will earn a total rate of return of 3.1%. This means that even if inflation rises, your I-Bonds will continue to earn a competitive rate of return.

  1. Low-risk investment

I-Bonds are considered one of the safest investments available. They are backed by the US government, which means that you can be confident that your investment is secure. You won’t have to worry about the same level of volatility that you might experience with other types of investments. Unlike stocks or mutual funds, I-Bonds are not subject to market fluctuations, which means that they can provide a level of stability to your portfolio.

  1. Tax benefits

The interest income earned from I-Bonds is exempt from state and local income taxes and federal income taxes can be deferred until the bonds are redeemed or reach maturity. This makes I-Bonds an attractive option for investors who are looking to minimize their tax liabilities.

If you’re in a higher tax bracket, investing in I-Bonds can be an excellent way to reduce your tax burden. Additionally, if you’re in retirement, investing in I-Bonds can help you manage your income stream and minimize your tax liability.

  1. Diversification

If you’re looking to diversify your investment portfolio, I-Bonds can be a great addition. Because they are low-risk and provide a fixed rate of return, they can help balance out riskier investments such as stocks or mutual funds. Additionally, because they are not subject to market fluctuations, they can provide a level of stability to your portfolio.

By diversifying your investment portfolio, you can reduce your overall risk and increase your potential returns. I-Bonds can be an excellent option for conservative investors who want to balance their portfolios with low-risk investments.

How to Purchase I-Bonds

I-Bonds can be purchased on the TreasuryDirect Website or by visiting a financial institution to purchase paper bonds.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

Q: I-Bonds: are they a good investment?

I-bonds are a type of savings bond meant to protect your money against inflation. Some people choose to buy an I bond with their tax refund. I-bond interest rates are 6.89% through April 2023. You might make around $701 in interest over a year if rates stay the same.

Q: Are I-bonds related to any disadvantages?

The initial rate is only guaranteed for the first six months of ownership. After that, the rate can fall, even to zero. One-year lockup.

Q: What is the current rate on I-bonds?

The composite rate for I bonds issued from November 2022 through April 2023 is 6.89%.

Q: Are 100% safe when I bond?

Savings bonds known as I Bonds are wholly backed by the federal government of the United States. They are made to protect your money’s value from inflation. For inflation, use the “I” symbol. Inflation and the interest rate on Bonds are closely tied.


I-Bonds can, in general, be a good investment choice for people seeking a low-risk method of earning a respectable return while protecting their savings against inflation.

They provide a number of advantages, including diversification, low-risk investment, inflation protection, and tax advantages. I-Bonds can be the best choice for you if you’re looking to invest in a reliable and secure investment.

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